About Us

DENTAX company was founded in 2005 by the dentists Grigor Avetikyan and Davit Poghosyan. The company imports medical and dental equipment and materials. DENTAX is the distributor of Biotech Dental, Dental Wings, Ultradent, Hu-Friedy, NTI, Zest Anchors, Yamahachi Dental, Bisico, Suni and other famous manufacturing companies. Nowdays Dentax considered being trustful distributor of dental equipment and materials in Armenian market.
The imported products are firstly tested and tried in our ''ES'' and ''ELVA'' dental clinics (visit www.elvadent.am) and only after they are introduced to the customers.
''The quality is guaranteed''. Here is the slogan of DENTAX.

DENTAX  has also its active support in the conferences and seminars organized by the Ministry of Health and the Armenian Dental Association, in this way contributing to the continuous qualification growth of Armenian dentists. Our company's professional consultants always give advice to the dentists and dental technicians regarding the goods supplied by DENTAX.