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Best Metal Primer
Bond strength after 48 h storage at 100 °C in MpaTitanium 23.3Gold 21.1Cr-Co 22.4Special advantages:..
43,000.00 ֏
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BISICO Adhesive
Adhesive for impression trays...
3,900.00 ֏
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BISICO Double pink
2kg (1kg A component, 1kg B component)Colour: pinkProcessing time (incl. mixing time): approx. 5 min..
35,000.00 ֏
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Bisico Function
300g (2 x 150g)Consistency: kneadable/soft puttyColour (A/B): white/olive-green..
20,000.00 ֏
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Bisico Mandisil
156ml (2 x 78ml) Consistency: semifluid/mediumColour (A/B): white/ blue-green..
15,000.00 ֏
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Bisico Perfect
600ml (2 x 300ml)Consistency: kneadable/super soft puttyColour (A/B): white/green..
34,000.00 ֏
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Bisico Presicion
4 x 75ml maxi cartridges (incl. 16 mixing tips green)..
9,000.00 ֏
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BISICO Provi Temp K
A2 50ml cartridge 4:1 incl. 15 mixing tips light blue 4:1Setting time: approx. 3 minutes in the mout..
33,000.00 ֏
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Bisico Regi-trans
3 x 50 ml cartridge (incl. 18 mixing tips green)Consistency: heavyColour: transparent..
11,000.00 ֏
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Bisico S 2 Suhy
6 x 50ml cartridges (30 mixing tips yellow)Consistency: medium-flowing/mediumColour (A/B): white/red..
8,000.00 ֏
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Bisico S 4 (153ml)
2x 76.5ml Consistency: fine-flowing/lightColour: (A/B): white/blue..
14,500.00 ֏
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