Fiac Dental Compressor DE 50/254

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Description Medical compressor, type DE 50/254 SILENT

FIAC medical compressors offer a complete compressed air supply system for those applications where air purity, safety and health of staff and patients are at the forefront. 
The high-efficiency pumps used in FIAC MEDICAL compressors guarantee the total absence of residual oil, which can damage the medicated equipment or, even worse, can damage those exposed to compressed air. 
In addition, the sound pressure level is adapted to the needs, the silent compressors can be mounted next to the instruments to which they are connected. 
For extra protection of the compressed air transmission and distribution line, this compressor is equipped with an absorption air dryer, thus eliminating the problems caused by condensation.
The technology used and the quality of FIAC MEDICAL compressors are the result of extensive research in the field and satisfy the most modern requirements. Our compressors are easy to use, have minimal maintenance costs and above all offer pure air. 
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Technical details Medical compressor, type DE 50/254 SILENT

Supply voltage: 220 V 
Bottle capacity: 50l 
Maximum pressure: 8 bar 
Pump unit: VS 254 
Intake air flow: 250 l / min (8.8 m3 / h) 
Discharge air flow: 188 l / min (6.6 m3 / h h) 
Sound pressure: 65 dB (at 4 m) 
Number of cylinders: 2 in V 
Engine power: 2.5 HP 
Speed: 1400 rpm 
Dimensions (LxWxH): 610 x 490 x 110 mm 
Weight: 72 kg 
With air dryer by absorption equipped with air-water pre-separator with cyclone with automatic drain valve. 

Vertical tank, treated inside to ensure and maintain air purity and to facilitate the drying process. 
Tank with legs equipped with vibration damping pads.
Two-cylinder V-shaped unit, specially designed to operate without oil. 
Housing made of very resistant plastic, soundproofed. 
Forced cooling. 
Pressure switch with overload protection and manual reset. 
Pressure regulator and pressure gauge. 
Time counter.

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