e.ON Sinter base furnace

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Zirconia sintering furnace e.ON Sinter base is a compact size furnace with high performances. Made as a bench furnace, needs only reduces location. With high performances, it is equipped by four heating elements (rods). It incorporates a automatic door locking to preserve muffle components and avoid thermal shocks into prosthetic units.

Technical specifications:

  • High definition colour touch screen 7''
  • Maximum temperature 16000C
  • Maximum heating rate to 400C/minute
  • 4 heating elements (rods) in MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide)
  • 1 tray for sinterizing with cover and zirconia pearls (capacity till 20 units)
  • 40 free programs with 40 possible stages for each program
  • Graphical cycles visualization
  • 4 display languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish
  • Muffle size: 110mm x 110mm x 110mm
  • External dimensions (height, width, depth): 540mm x 400mm x 450mm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 1830 kW
  • Supply voltage: 230V (50/60 Hz)

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